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New blog addition Music Is Art interviewed The Pains of Being Pure At Heart recently. Their interviews are always great but I have to say that the bit I like the best is when they ask the band members to supply them with a playlist of their choice, preferably with a theme. Kip from The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart is responsible for my current favourite playlist, entitled ‘Swedes Make The Best Music In The World.’ I’ve included my favourite tracks here, but check out the interview to grab the rest.

Swedes Make The Best Music In The World

Claire by Japan Air
There and Back Again by the Legends
The Boy I Wish I’d Never Met by A Smile and A Ribbon
Koca-Kola Veins by Tough Alliance
Violation by The Bridal Shop
I Don’t Need Love, I’ve got My Band by Radio Dept.
Kate by Sambassadeur
Young Girls in Town by Cloetta Paris
Stage Persona by The Embassy
Downhill by Days

‘The Boy I Wish I Never Met’ is especially wonderful, followed closely by ‘I Don’t Need Love, I’ve Got My Band.’