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My masochistic streak knows no bounds. I continue to dwell on the fact that I won’t be seeing The Mountain Goats on December 10th and it’s not made easier by the continual replaying that ‘Black Pear Tree’ is receiving via the trusty iPod. The Mountain Goats and Kaki King could not be better suited. The sparse piano in this track creates a mood of melancholy reflection and I like hearing a female vocal delivering the words of John Darnielle. And as always the imagery is wonderful.

And when its time came I could see it happen
Blossoms black and sweet as Texas crude
I saw the future flowering like a ruptured vessel
Somebody’s gonna get screwed

Black Pear Tree – The Mountain Goats and Kaki King

And if that wasn’t enough to make you feel sorry for me, let me turn your attention to a track that showcases some of the hilarious banter that John D gets up to at live shows. A quote from the live version of my current favourite MG track ‘No Children’.

There’s going to come a day in your life when you’ll want this song, because it’ll be the only song with a heart black enough to suit your mood. Other people will say perhaps you should listen to some Destiny’s Child…they’re wrong.

No Children (Live) – The Mountain Goats

‘No Children’ in particular was a pain to upload, it gave me no end of bother for some reason. But like the kind, benevolent person that I am, I persevered. I hope you’re suitably grateful.