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No, not that over-rated, over-played piece of tripe! I speak today about Sleeping At Last’s ‘Umbrellas’.

I think I first posted this track way back at the start of the year, in the days before I discovered how to post tracks that would aggregate to Hype and Elbows, and when I got excited when more than 10 people a day managed to stumble across my site. This track makes a reappearance now because it’s been raining literally all day here – the first bout of serious rain that we’ve had for months, and it’s wonderful. I thought of it all day today as I noticed these little-used devices popping up all over the place.

It’s a mystery to me why the song is called ‘Umbrellas’ though – they’re never mentioned, which kinda bugs me. I’ve always wondered why artists allocate titles to songs that don’t relate at all to what they’re about. This particular song is about promising to love someone, and unless there’s some big metaphorical thing going on in here that I don’t get, the title doesn’t make a jot of sense. Perhaps it’s like the picture above – they’re promising to spend the rest of their lives under the same umbrella? I don’t know. I do love this song however – my favourite bit is ‘we’ll say the one thing/everyone should hear/you were meant for amazing things ‘. It really is quite lovely.

Umbrellas – Sleeping At Last