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As a rule, I can’t stand country music. The sound just grates against every fibre of my being. There are exceptions to this rule, but since they are so few I can’t remember what they are, and so can’t list them for you.

I also have problems with the subject matter. I mean seriously, how many versions of the same story do we really need? Woman leaves, dog/horse/guitar dies, man goes drivin’, truck breaks down, man drinks whisky, woman is seen fraternisin’ with another man, man feels all lonesome, twang twang twang.

Aussie country singers give me the irrits too, largely because they feel the need to put on that fake country twangy accent when they sing. Though I guess an Australian singing country music is silly enough to begin with – they probably feel that the accent can’t make things any worse. 

Australian country singer Adam Brand is a prime example of this kind of musical offender, and when I came across his version of ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ I nearly gave it a miss because…well why wouldn’t you? But the fact that it was part of Andrew Denton’s Triple M Musical Challenge, a radio segment I remember hearing a few years ago, made me interested enough to check it out. Each week Denton got an artist into the studio and challenged them to perform a song that was completely outside their usual genre. It was sensational – I remember The Wiggles doing ‘Long Way To The Top’ especially well.

Once I got over the fake-twang factor of Brand’s contribution, I actually really got to enjoy it. It’s fast paced and he plays it straight, but doesn’t take himself too seriously either. I love the ‘two tickets to Willie Nelson’ part too. I’ve actually listened to it 9 times now. Look out…I might be on the turn….

Teenage Dirtbag (Wheatus Cover) – Adam Brand

Side note: The original spent three weeks at #1 here back in 2000. Good lord, what a bunch of philistines we are.