Apologies for the lack of postage these past few days. I’ve been housesitting again and for some reason the internet there has cracked ’em and is refusing to work. Not even my expertise in this field (unplug modem…plug in modem) has been enough to coax it back into service. So I’m writing this from my own home as I do my best to recover from a bout of whatever it is that seems to be keeping all my students home from school as well. At least I know who to blame for this unhealthiness – little blighters.

A few tracks I’ve been enjoying lately:

I keep calling them Cut Your Hands Off. Does that really make a difference? I don’t think either version is particularly tasteful. These New Zealanders play some great indie pop though, with hints of psychedelia as well. Check ’em out live at the HiFi in Melbourne on Saturday 8th November. I absolutely love the bells in this track – I don’t mean jingle bells, but church-type bells. Great catchy sound and sunny vibe. Get on it!

Happy As Can Be – Cut Off Your Hands

Ah yes, that age-old question, ‘do you talk in the middle of Seinfeld?’ Personally, I think that would be a plus. Never liked that show. More quirky acousticness from Would You Let Me Play This EP 10 Times A Day. Good to know she’s still scared of feet too. I’m with you, Annika. Feet are gross.

The Quiz – Hello Saferide

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could erase all your painful, upsetting and downright useless memories so that you only remember the good stuff? Check out Marcy’s post from the other day, about a new drug being developed by scientists that helps to erase bad memories. Though I believe that we need our memories, both good and bad, to make us into the people we are…it still sounds pretty jolly tempting doesn’t it!

I’m also trying to forget the fact that I didn’t get my act together to check out We Are Scientists earlier this month (what a segue). This track has been getting a few spins this week – good luck getting it outta your head! Love the occasional falsetto in this too.

Selective Memory – We Are Scientists