While I’m not really a fan of their band name, I’m definitely liking everything I hear from these LA indie rockers, so much so that I just nabbed a copy of their self-titled August release. Throaty passionate vocals that pack a punch, slightly frenetic percussion and pulsating guitar solos. Good stuff.

Wishing Well – The Airborne Toxic Event

The Girls In Their Summer Dresses – The Airborne Toxic Event

These guys are a 5-piece outfit from Cleveland. Simple indie pop with clean boy-girl melodies. The female vocals actually remind me a bit of Los Campesinos, but that’s where the similarities end – they’re not as out there as Los Camp. Very hummable.

Clean Bill Of Health – Afternoon Naps

Postcard – Afternoon Naps

Over to my neck of the woods now – The Panics are from Perth and I’ve always been a bit ambivalent towards them. This tune finally got me to pay them more attention. From the drumroll at the beginning, to the lush strings and dramatic conclusion, this track makes me think that a serious revisit of their stuff is in order.

Get Us Home – The Panics

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