This year has been all about the shows I HAVEN’T been able to get to. I missed The Kooks when they were in Melbourne, I’ve discovered about two weeks too late that I quite like We Are Scientists and my friends who were lucky enough to be able to check them out when they were here a few weeks ago (seriously, a Tuesday though, like that’s convenient) said that I missed a great show. I also spoke recently of not being able to see The Mountain Goats in December either (a Wednesday this time, cheers fellas) and I’ve just realised that I’m not going to be able to check out Soko when she does her afternoon gig at The Corner on New Years Day either. To top it all off, Interpol have only just made a real appearance on my radar, and they were here in February unbeknownst (what a funny word that is) to me, so that’s another top show that I’ve missed. The gig gods, I swear they all hate me. Perhaps they would be appeased by a sacrifice of some sort. Any ideas?

Mr Maker – The Kooks

It’s A Hit – We Are Scientists

I’ll Kill Her (Live) – Soko

Next Exit – Interpol

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