A New Zealand house-hunter got a viewing more suited to a horror movie when he uncovered a container of body parts, including a left leg and right foot. Christchurch police said investigations revealed the limbs had been removed surgically and nothing sinister had occurred.

Surgery – I Heart Hiroshima

A Manchester mum has failed her driving test after she accidentally splashed a man at a bus stop when she went through a puddle. Michelle Kelly, 31, was told by the examiner it was technically a crash and she should have exchanged details with the pedestrian.

An Italian council worker has been sacked after he was shot on a hunting trip when he should have been working. Adriano Germano, 56, sneaked off after clocking in to go hunting and ended up in hospital for 20 days when a friend accidentally blasted him with a shotgun.

Cold, Hard Workin’ Man – Murder Mystery

The world’s first No Star Hotel has opened in Switzerland in a disused atomic bunker. The $A42 rooms have no views, there is limited hot water, no room service, no pay TV and guests might be expected to share with soldiers and emergency workers should a nuclear war break out.

Bungling engineers have been left red-faced after building a railway tunnel that’s too small for trains. “Tracks were laid down on newly raised ground, which meant the distance between the tracks and roof of the tunnel became shorter,” a Polish Railways spokesman said.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel – Something For Kate

Want to get rid of your goldfish? Swiss owners who have been flushing them down the toilet – still alive – must now find other methods after strict new animal protection laws took effect. Instead, a fish must be first knocked out and then killed before its body can be disposed of.

Two fast-food addicts in Norwich, east England, celebrated their marriage with their dream wedding cake — a 20-kilogram cheeseburger. Tom and Kerry Watts’ mammoth burger was nearly half a metre wide and weighed the equivalent of about 100 quarter-pounders.

Diner – Martin Sexton