Sometimes this blogging lark isn’t as easy as it may appear. One of my favourite albums of this year is Frightened Rabbit’s The Midnight Organ Fight, which I have talked about before, but I’ve never been able to express exactly how I feel about their music. I figured out why when I was reading this post over at Lost In Your Inbox. Marcy can’t go to their gig next week and she thinks that’s probably a good thing as seeing and hearing these magical songs being performed in person might be a little too much for her to handle anyway. I think it’s similar feelings that make it difficult for me to write about the album – and I was finally able to sum it up in the comment I left on her post.

I can only listen to this one in short bursts, because it’s so real and so raw, and I hear so much of myself in every aching painful phrase that it’s just too costly to listen to very often. I love it though. To bits.

(Is it weird that I’m quoting myself??)

So here’s to finding the right words at last.

And here’s to doing my best to get over the wrenching pain I felt last night when I found out that they’re playing a festival on Philip Island on New Years Eve that I can’t go to, plus another two shows in NSW that I won’t be attending either. Come on guys… how’s about a Melbourne gig or two?!

My Backwards Walk – Frightened Rabbit

Good Arms vs Bad Arms – Frightened Rabbit

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