Letters Have No Arms: Songs About Books – A Mix Tape Sensational post – 15 mp3s complete with lines from the literary works that inspired them. Lovely.

Speed Of Dark: Time For Change Very well written post about the US election complete with relevant mp3s. Though I’ve been avoiding the godawful election saturation in the Australian media (What’s with that anyway? I doubt very much the US media followed our election last year in every painstakingly minor detail. Or was even aware it was occurring.), I do read the odd political post when they pop up on the blogs that I visit regularly.

I’m Waking Up To: #89 Van Morrison – Astral Weeks New addition to the blogroll, I’m Waking Up To posts a track a day from a wide variety of musical genres. Band members have also been known to let you in on their early morning tracks. Very cool. Oh yeah, and Van is planning to perform Astral Weeks in its entiriety in the US and record it to be released on DVD. My dad was stoked to hear this news, as was I. I can’t post any Van mp3s any more though – he has some seriously vigilant watchdogs.

Contrast Podcast: Album Closers I haven’t been able to get my act together in time to contribute over the past few weeks, which is a pity because the themes have been fantastic – this week’s was no exception. My favourite track had to be JC’s (The Vinyl Villain) selection by Arab Strap. Gorgeous upbeat ode to love surviving the rigours of age and time, with wacky lyrics to boot:

If you can love my growing gut
My rotten teeth and greying hair
Then I can guarantee I’ll do
The same as long as you can bear

A Sweet Unrest: Forehead From fellow Contast Podcaster Greer comes A Sweet Unrest, a blog focusing on poetry, often with corresponding tracks to listen to while reading. The images she includes in each post are also wonderful. I was quite taken by the poem by David Rivard that she posted a few days ago, entitled ‘Forehead’. Quite lovely.

And now some mp3 linkage.

This is what I woke up to this morning – incessant babble from the truly moronic DJ on the only radio station that works in my room without going all static on me, plus this:

I Want To Break Free – Queen

And this is what I played in my car on the way to school in order to get that out of my head:

Unless It’s Kicks – Okkervil River

I’m back on an Okkervil kick again by the way – after devouring The Stand Ins, which is better than I originally thought (I liked it from the start, but perhaps judged it a little too quickly – that’ll teach me for reviewing it so soon after buying it) and I’m now reliving The Stage Names as well.

And here’s that Arab Strap track I was talking about earlier. Enjoy!

There Is No Ending – Arab Strap

Image from here.