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What a way to kickstart your career! That’s how Brandi Carlile began doing her thing, at the tender age of sixteen. By 2006 she’d toured with Ray LaMontagne, Chris Isaak, Shawn Colvin, Tori Amos and Hanson (woo!). She was a busy girl in 2007 also, releasing three albums, and this year saw her touring in the UK and Australia.

I posted a cello version of ‘Tragedy’ a little while ago, but came across this live version the other day that I thought you should hear. I think this track proves without a doubt that the girl can sing – it’s stunning.

Tragedy (Live) – Brandi Carlile

I’m afraid that’s all you’ll get out of me today – it’s been a huge week and my brain is even mushier than it was the other day, when I was so out of sorts that I posted a Leo Sayer track! I’m so fried today that I might forget myself even further, and post something truly terrible, like, oh i don’t know, a Hanson track.


Madeline – Hanson

It coulda been worse…I could’ve posted ‘Mmmbop’.

Image from here.