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Why oh why do you hate me so much, evil powers of the universe? What have I ever done to deserve this run of bad timing? Earlier this year universe, you conspired against me when The Mountain Goats were planning to come to Australia, causing John D to cancel the Aussie leg of the tour. Now you’ve seen fit to allow them to return to Melbourne, and although you’ve been very kind in letting those who purchased tickets last time have first dibs on their gig at The Billboard, you’ve chosen the most inconvenient date possible. Wednesday 10th December. Smack bang in the middle of the second last week of school, on the same night no less, as our school concert. No, don’t apologise. I’d much rather spend my evening at an outdoor venue three hours away in the middle of a heatwave, listening to endless renditions of ‘Jingle Bells’, frantically slapping at bloodthirsty mozzies and trying desperately to restrain myself from jumping off the nearest bridge. Really, it’s fine.

Tianchi Lake – The Mountain Goats

Goat pic from here.

Post title from ‘Have To Explode’ by The Mountain Goats.