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So this is my 300th post. Not a bad effort eh? When I first started doing this thing I wondered whether or not I would be bothered keeping it up, but I found myself becoming a total blogoholic almost immediately. I guess there are worse vices to have.

So here’s a mixtape to celebrate. These songs have absolutely nothing in common with each other really, other than the fact that I’ve been enjoying them all a lot lately.

New Zealand’s Flight Of The Conchords have achieved some serious international success with their own brand of comedic songs, similar to what Aussie outfit Tripod have been doing since the early 90’s. ‘The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)’ is hilarious, but at the same time kinda sad. You see…it’s a pretty accurate summary of how the average Aussie guy conducts himself. What hope does a poor girl have?

Cause you’re so beautiful
Like a, tree
Or a high-class prostitute
You’re so beautiful
Mmm, you could be a part-time model
But you’d probably still have to keep your normal job

The kebab line is also a clear winner. I know I would be powerless to resist such a tender proposition.

The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room) – Flight Of The Conchords

Remixes and mashups are very hit and miss I find, but for some reason whenever I come across a Jackson 5 one I can’t stop myself from downloading the thing and then playing it relentlessly. Must be some major flaw in my genetic makeup.

Easy Like ABC (Immuzikation Blend) – Jackson 5, Tittsworth & Green Velvet

This song is catchy as hell, combined with sultry vocals and what I think is a ukulele. In addition to singing cool tunes, these sisters are also talented ballerinas.

Boy In A Rock And Roll Band – The Pierces

What the hell is a Lubbock, I hear you asking yourself. Or at least, that’s what I asked myself. It’s a city in Texas apparently. If I was a city called Lubbock I’d be very happy that someone had written a song about me, particularly this one, because it’s lovely.

Lubbock Love Song – Sleepy Horses

I was thinking that this track sounded like something that belonged on a TV show and when I went Wiki hunting I found out that Greg has contributed music to Grey’s, Cold Case, One Tree Hill etc. so I guess I wasn’t too far off the mark. The piano is nice and the chorus is pretty catchy.

How The Day Sounds – Greg Laswell

I don’t think this track needs any explaining, I’m sure most of you have heard it before. You’re either gonna snap it up because you’d like to hear ‘em live, or you’re gonna screw up your nose and ignore it completely.

A Punk (Live Session Version) – Vampire Weekend

Love the twangy voice, love the banjo – you can’t help but move to this one.

Break My Heart – The Goddamn Rattlesnake

This track is like three songs in one. It starts off all folk/country, with banjo a-twangin’, then morphs into a mournful serenade before ending all uptight and heavy. That doesn’t really make much sense does it? Listen to it, you’ll get what I mean.

Pretty Girl From Chile – The Avett Brothers

Ok, so it’s the cello that I love here, but I also can’t get over that ‘when you need a friend’ line. It’s not the words, it’s the pain in her voice, particularly in the word ‘when’. I just love it.

Tragedy (Austin Cello Version) – Brandi Carlile

And one from the lovely lass that started things off here at It All Started With Carbon Monoxide. It’s Regina doing her thing in the opening credits of ‘Weeds’. I love that show, but I’ve only seen the first two seasons, so shhhh!

Little Boxes – Regina Spektor

Image credit: John McLaine