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Daytrotter have been kicking goals all over the shop lately, with loads of great artists coming in and doing their thing. I’ve also been trawlin’ their archives a bit lately and have found some shows from 2006 and 2007 that still have all the links active and everything. Very nice.

First up is the wonderful Frightened Rabbit, who have created the most cathartic release of the year. The Midnight Organ Fight is a must listen for anybody who has experienced a less than happy relationship. At no time though have I ever found it depressing, rather I have identified with it and found it ultimately uplifting. The brilliance of the lyrics, combined with that gorgeous Scottish accent and their wonderful sound, makes for an insightful record that I still can’t get enough of. Beautiful stuff.

My Backwards Walk – Frightened Rabbit You’re the shit and I’m knee deep in it…

Poke – Frightened Rabbit

Check out the rest of the tracks here.

Next up is folk singer-songwriter Jaymay. This is a bit of what Daytrotter has to say about this London-based American.

She makes melodies that dial up a cinnamon-y, late autumn jet stream and just rides them out, freckling her songs with wry observances and slack furtiveness that is exactly what makes her songs stand out from the rest of the crowded pack. She writes smartly and with a touch of a short story writer – getting to the crux when she needs to be there and not just dancing around. She sings like a girl from back in the days when everyone traveled by train and carried their belongings in hat boxes, letting the words roll out of her mouth as if they were the lightly flappings of a farewell handkerchief, beckoning so long to a memory still standing on the landing as the engine started pulling its cars away from the station.

What About The Bob – Jaymay From her upcoming EP Ten Under Two, featuring songs that are all less than two minutes long.

Sea Green, See Blue – Jaymay Still my favourite.

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I also came across last year’s session with Horse Feathers. This is what they have to say about ‘Walking and Running’. I too like the crude words contrasted against the background of the gentle melody.

Also a very old song, but we still play it live all the time. It’s the only song I’ve ever cursed in and will probably be the last, I guess I’ve always justified the crudity of the words in relation to the severity of the situation it was birthed from. At the time I wrote this, I really meant what I was saying, though now, it may seem extreme. I think the gravity of the words and their harshness have an unusual interplay with the musical aspect of the song. As if they are maybe competing or at odds. I kinda like that.

Walking and Running – Horse Feathers

Helen – Horse Feathers

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