If you’re an Okkervil River fan, or if you are a blogoholic like me, you’ll know that their latest release The Stand Ins is loosely described as a companion album to last year’s wonderful, wonderful album The Stage Names. An album which is still in heavy rotation in my car, on my iPod, in my head, wherever.

Having only had the chance to listen to The Stand Ins a couple of times since I picked it up last week, I have to say that while I think it’s fabulous, I don’t think it quite measures up to the dizzy heights of The Stage Names. Don’t get me wrong, the songwriting is superb of course and their distinctive sound is still ever present. I love the awesome cover art on both albums too – the way the two illustrations line up is very clever.

There are some stand out tracks (pardon the pun won’t you dears) like ‘Pop Lie’ and my current favourite ‘Calling and Not Calling My Ex’, but it was always going to be hard to top tracks like ‘A Girl In Port’, ‘John Allyn Smith Sails’ and the wonderful ‘Plus Ones’. I’m on holidays in three days (yay!) so I plan to give it a much better listen while I’m kicking back doing a hell of a lot of not much, so hopefully I’ll be able to give you a better review later on. Until then though, check out the track below, and enjoy!

Calling And Not Calling My Ex – Okkervil River