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I wrote about UK indie-ambient-melodic-post-rock outfit Lanterns On The Lake back in April, describing their music as “luscious and dreamy…the sort that makes me want to spend summer nights watching colourful lanterns sparkle on a distant shore under a sky of shining stars.”

Lanterns On The Lake are Hazel Wilde (vocals, words, guitar, harmonica, mandolin), Paul Gregory (guitars, bowed guitars, piano, harmonica), Adam Sykes (backing singing, mandolin, guitar,synths, piano), Brendan Sykes (cello, bass), Sarah Kemp (violin) and Ol Ketteringham (drums, piano, glock, kalimba). What a talented bunch!

Their latest release The Starlight EP is absolutely gorgeous. Hazel’s ethereal vocals are still on full display and there’s a rich otherworldly sound that permeates each track. I don’t often do the whole comparison thing when I’m writing about music, but I find myself drawing vague comparisons to Sigur Ros, not in the vocals (because I can actually understand what they’re saying) but in the lush instrumentation. The strings are heartbreakingly pure and are especially beautiful on ‘My Shield’, swelling and bending before fading out over gentle piano and a couple of Sigur Ros-esque moments (you’ll know them when you hear them). ‘If I Have Been Unkind’ features male vocals, which I’m assuming are provided by Adam, and is also a standout track.

You wanted a piggyback
Well I lost my spine
And I dreamt of awful things
Like company
And physical interaction

When you went missing
Well I looked almost everywhere
I sailed the seas
You were never even there
You were never even there

I only have a digital copy of the EP, but their myspace informs me that the CD comes with lovely handmade packaging, and the testimonies of people who’ve shelled out their 4 pounds 50 state that it’s almost too gorgeous to open. Well worth it I’d say!

My Shield – Lanterns On The Lake

If I Have Been Unkind – Lanterns On The Lake