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This week’s Contrast Podcast was all about the fellytone. Talking on it, ignoring it, screening numbers (thankyou, Caller ID) and hanging up on those annoying telemarketers that always seem to call just as you sit down to your meat and three veg. Or in my case tonight, pizza in front of the computer with the TV on and what sounds like Crowded House wafting from the outer regions of the house.

I’ve been a little pressed for time as I’ve mentioned earlier this week, so I didn’t really put too much thought into my selection, though I didn’t want to include a song that had any reference to the telephone in the title. I accomplished that much at least.

I chose ‘London Still’ by Aussie band The Waifs, because I think it sounds a hell of a lot like the conversations I imagine I’ll be having when I jet off overseas early next year.

Wonder if you can pick up my
Accent on the phone
When I call across the country
When I call across the world
I see you in my kitchen
I can picture you now
As you toast to your small town
When you drink the happy hour
I’m in London still

This bit is great too – not only does it mention record buying, something I’m sure I’ll be doing a hell of a lot of, it also describes how I reckon I’ll be feeling when I’m about as far away from my family as it’s possible to be.

I took the tube over to Camden
To wander around
I bought some funky records
With that old Motown sound
And I miss you like my left arm
That’s been lost in a war
Today I dream of home and not of London anymore

You can check out the podcast here, but I’ve posted the track below, as well as the live version which I think is actually better than the studio version. There’s a bit of crowd interaction, which I always, always love to hear. I also love the bit when Vikki uses the word ‘daggy’ – there’s nothing more Aussie than the word daggy. Trust me.

London Still – The Waifs

London Still (Live) – The Waifs