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I don’t know a lot about indie folksters Horse Feathers, but I strongly urge you to check out this post over at Obscure Sound. Not only did it get me interested in Horse Feathers in the first place, it’s also one of the most well written and thoughtfully composed posts I’ve ever read. I could never do these guys justice in the same way.

I can say however that I am thoroughly bewitched by ‘A Burden’, a track that features the most beautiful dancing strings. Listen to it and then try not to let the melody infiltrate your head. Betchya can’t. ‘Working Poor’ is also wonderful, twangy banjo and gorgeous vocals. Going on what I’ve heard so far, Horse Feathers play a deceptive brand of folk, in that you think that you’re listening to a quiet gentle track, but all of a sudden it will swell around you and you can’t help but be carried away by it. They remind me a little of Fleet Foxes in that way, who also have a similar effect on me.

A Burden – Horse Feathers

Working Poor – Horse Feathers

I posted a track by LA indie rock outfit The Airborne Toxic Event last week, and I was compelled to go hunting around for more info. A quick Wiki hit told me this information:

The band was formed in 2006 by Mikel Jollett. During a one-week period in March 2006 while working on a novel, Jollett learned that his mother was diagnosed with cancer, experienced a break-up, and was diagnosed with genetic Autoimmune disease. Spurred by these events in his personal life, Jollett turned from writing prose to writing songs, and soon realized he was composing an album instead of a novel.

I was immediately intrigued and went hunting for some more of their gear. ‘Sometime Around Midnight’ is a perfect description of that sucker punch to the stomach that you feel when you see an ex for the first time since you’ve broken up. And that second punch you cop when you discover that they’re not alone.

And so there’s a change, in your emotions.
And all these memories come rushing
like feral waves to your mind.
Of the curl of your bodies,
like two perfect circles entwined.
And you feel hopeless and homeless
and lost in the haze of the wine.

Then she leaves, with someone you don’t know.
But she makes sure you saw her.
She looks right at you and bolts.
As she walks out the door,
your blood boiling
your stomach in ropes.
Oh and when your friends say,
“What is it? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Sometime Around Midnight – The Airborne Toxic Event

This track has been blaring through my open windows as I drive home in the late afternoon sun. JJ Grey & Mofro are all about soul, funk and blues and I can’t get enough of this one. Guitar riffs, fab vocals and an electric piano solo. What more could you want?

Orange Blossoms – JJ Grey & Mofro