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This week I’ve been running around like the proverbial headless chook, which means I’ve not been able to give my little blog the love and attention it deserves. I do have a list of posts that, at the moment, exists only in my head, but I’m hoping to cover the new Okkervil River album (yep, it’s a goody), recent discovery Horse Feathers, the new EP from Lanterns On The Lake, some assorted ditties I’ve stumbled across in the last week or so, and a post about Frightened Rabbit that I’ve had bouncing around my brain since I picked up their album ages ago. I’m hoping that the fact that I’ve informed you all of my intentions will ensure that I actually get all that done. I shall do my level best. As opposed to my slightly wonky and unbalanced best.

These covers have all done the blog rounds countless times before, but here they are again just in case you missed ’em the first seventy eight thousand times.

Let’s Dance (David Bowie Cover) – The Futureheads

Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen Cover) – The Flaming Lips

With Or Without You (U2 Cover) – Keane

And here’s one that I’ve only ever seen over at A Free Man – ya gotta love Mates Of State when they get their coverage on.

Jellyman Kelly (James Taylor Cover) – Mates Of State

And if you still haven’t fed your coverage needs, pay a visit to Captain Obvious – he has a Covers Mixtape that really satisfies.