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The National have been touring all over the place this year, including a phenomenal show in Melbourne in January that I was fortunate enough to get to. I like checking out live recordings of their gear because they transport me back to The Corner earlier this year and remind me of how brilliant they are live.

If you are also yearning to relive memories of that long ago time that you spent soaking up their unique brand of wonderfulness, check out this live version of ‘Start A War’, fresh from their June dates in the USA. Then, head over to Bradley’s Almanac to download the whole show. The quality is great, and you can almost (almost) believe that you are really there in that stifling pub, slightly left of the stage, already wearing the shirt that you bought before the show and listening to that baritone voice and those mad, passionate strings. Sigh.

Start A War (Live) – The National

Image credit: Valerio Berdini