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I save my downloads in monthly folders. Not very imaginative, but I find that’s the easiest way to keep track of stuff because I can’t always remember song titles or artists that well. This is a wee taste of my September folder, so far. Not a bad selection really, especially considering it’s only the 6th! These tracks are all fantastic, but if you have a download limit or are running short on time or something, don’t run away without at least grabbing ‘Anna’, ‘Clouds’ and ‘The Iditarod’. Highly recommended.

Anna – Hello Saferide

Clouds – The Rumble Strips

The Iditarod – Birdmonster

(Why Don’t You Go) Take A Hike – Thunder Power

Does This Mean You’re Moving On? – The Airborne Toxic Event

Write It All Down For You – Elliot Brood

Queen Bee – Neal Halstead

About To Walk – Throw Me The Statue

Summertime – The Sundays