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The old: This one’s for Tim, who requested that I repost The Cat Empire’s ‘Days Like These’. As he says, they’re a ‘band you can’t not love’. This one’s a great summer sounding one Tim – enjoy.

Days Like These – The Cat Empire

The new: I’m actually a little embarrassed to admit that I like this song, but I’ve been hearing it on Triple J quite a bit here in Oz and when I saw the kooky film clip the other day I decided it was kinda alright after all. Norweigan Ida Maria lives in Sweden and is all about the punk rock. Her track ‘Better When You’re Naked’ has some seriously cringe worthy lyrics but her sass and cheekiness, paired with catchy hooks and sheer exhuberance, combine to make a track that I’m almost ready to share with people that I actually know in real life. Almost.

Better When You’re Naked – Ida Maria