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Week: busy. Motivation: low. It’s a sad fact that when you’re having a tough week, even the activities you love become a chore. So no words of insight or interest here I’m afraid. Today we’ll just have to let the tunes do the talking – more from recently discovered artists, and a favourite as well. If you haven’t checked out the Motel Motel stuff yet, get to it – I bloody love em.

Mexico – Motel Motel

Virginia Kids – Motel Motel

In The Forest – The Mood

Masquerade – The Mood

And something that never fails to make me feel at least a smidge or two better…

Vio Spilum Endalaust – Sigur Ros

Update: Now I really am depressed. In the last week, four foolish people have not only searched Hype for Michael Bolton, they’ve actually downloaded the godawful track I posted recently. What an odd world we live in.