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So, JC over at The Vinyl Villain is making a bit of a playlist for his mate Comrade Colin from And Before The First Kiss, who is shortly heading over to Paris for a weekend. What a nice fella! Why does this concern me, you ask? Well, JC is looking for French-themed tracks to chuck on an iPod for Colin to take with him on his trip and I happened to have a few to add to what is becoming a jolly handsome looking list.

So here are the tracks I’ve managed to dig up – quite a few of them can be found on the soundtrack to the movie French Kiss. They’re all quite bewitching and when I was listening to them earlier today I found myself wishing that I too was winging my way to Paris.   

La Mer – Kevin Kline 

La Mer – Charlies Trenet 

I’ll Kill Her – Soko 

Via Con Me – Paulo Conte

Verlaine – Charles Trenet

C’est Trop Beau – Tino Rossi

Les Yeux Ouverts (Dream A Little Dream Of Me) – The Beautiful South