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…HAHAHA We Destroyed The Hopes And Dreams Of An Aussie Who Wanted To See Us Live.

So Los Campesinos just emailed me personally (assuming of course that I’m the only one on their mailing list) to announce tour dates for the UK later on this year, and to inform me that they will also announce European dates soon. No love for my neck of the woods however, with Australia not even getting a sniff of a visit. I guess it’s understandable – we are a hell of a long way from anywhere. To lessen the pain, Los Camp did attach a song that didn’t quite make it onto Hold On Now, Youngster. These guys have the most distinctive sound and ‘How I Taught Myself To Scream’, with its frenetic vocal delivery and sudden downtempo patches, would not have been at all out of place on that disc.

How I Taught Myself To Scream – Los Campesinos

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Image: The Scream Edvard Munch