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I post cover songs quite often. There has been an increase over the last couple of weeks though, and it’s because I have been pretty busy. I generally don’t feel the need to write as much about a cover, because I figure most people will already know about the original at least, and often the covering artist is already established, so I don’t feel the need to do an in depth spiel on them either. This week I’ve really wanted to write a post or two with some actual substance, but it’s been a really busy week and I’ve had something on every night which has meant that my prime blogging hours have been severely compromised. And I now find myself with a free Friday night stretching out ahead of me and I can’t seem to bring myself to write anything with any great depth. Unless you want to hear about the difficult kids in my classroom, or who won Student of the Week this week, or the intricate skills needed to run a good loop relay. No? I thought not.

Onto the real business then. George Harrison’s ‘My Sweet Lord’ is a song that I never feel completely comfortable listening to. I have a bit of an aversion to organised religion, for various reasons, and so I never feel quite right listening to someone singing about really wanting to see the lord. However, despite my misgivings, I do love the song, and the line that always sucks me in is ‘I really wanna know you’, about halfway through the song when he really starts to get into it. It’s just so damn catchy. So I usually end up singing along, though I think I usually hum the ‘my sweet lord’ line. I know, I’m a bit strange.

Wondering where Elliot Smith comes into it? Wonder no more. I picked up this cover the other day from one of my regular reads, Speed of Dark, and Smith’s live version is just as wonderful as the original. Enjoy!

My Sweet Lord (George Harrison Cover) – Elliot Smith