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Damn, this is a gorgeous track. It’s called ‘Spaceships’ and is by Patchwork, the recently cobbled-together project of Jeremiah Nelson. While I don’t know a lot about him or his band yet, I do know that they have created one of the most soothing pieces of music I’ve come across in a long time (aside from Sigur Ros – I haven’t forsaken you boys, I promise!). And I don’t mean soothing in a wishy-washy chiropractor’s waiting room kind of way, but it does makes me feel as if everything is going to be alright. The highlight for me, in addition to the fantastic vocals and beautiful instrumentation, is the last couple of minutes when the vocals cease and the track is allowed to meander to a close. It also has a loose, organic Crowded House kind of vibe going on that makes for a wonderful listen.

Patchwork’s album Take Me Down The Interstate will be released in CD format on August 15th, but it has been available digitally since July, and for $10 you can download the whole thing here. I’ll be the one looking for my credit card.

Spaceships – Patchwork

Image from Muzzle Of Bees