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This is mainly for those of you who’ve already read today’s earlier post ‘Some Top Tens’. I didn’t want you all to think that I’ve taken complete leave of my senses and to remember today only as the day I posted a Michael Bolton song (it was in context, I promise).

Put that horror behind you now and consider indie folk/rock outfit Motel Motel. They hail from Brooklyn in the USA and their gear is self-described as ‘schwag rock’, whatever that is, but apparently they’ve also been called ‘garage-Americana’. Now usually when I hear the term ‘Americana’ I’m instantly turned off, but luckily I heard the track before I read that description and by then I was already in love, so it didn’t matter. Mental note to self: don’t judge a band or song by whatever label has been hastily slapped upon it. Remember, you don’t like labels. This of course doesn’t apply to you Mr. Bolton – consider yourself labelled.

‘Harlem’ is the first single from Motel Motel’s latest release New Denver and has already played a bazillion times on my iPod today. It’s the drumroll at the beginning, it’s the distinctive vocals, it’s the upswelling strings, it’s the tinkling keys, it’s the lyrical storytelling, it’s everything and it’s wonderful.

Band members: Eric Engel, Mickey Theis, Timothy Sullivan, and Jeremy Duvall. Their live shows often feature a live string quartet as well. Sounds like my kinda gig.

Harlem – Motel Motel