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During this week I’ve received a couple of mentions over at daily fix A Free Man that have been both kind and unexpected. It’s always nice when people leave comments and A Free Man has quickly become a regular reader and a valuable contributor here at It All Started. However I certainly didn’t expect such a nice shout out from him last week and it honestly made my day. So I think it’s time that I returned the favour.

A Free Man’s site is a lot more diverse than mine. There you will find fabulous music, gorgeous pics, great links, discussions on politics and education, and scientific commentaries that even a total science-phobe like me can understand. Commentary about life as an American who has just moved from Britain to Australia is also a large and entertaining feature. I think what amazes me the most is how generous he is with himself – while his site is quite anonymous, he does include photos and anecdotes about himself and his family and is not afraid to get personal. I find that pretty admirable.

So here’s to you Free Man. Thanks for the linkage and for the kind words.

Cheer Me Up Thank You – New Buffalo