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I only possess two kinds of patience. The first is the patience that it takes to deal with kids, especially those that are more ‘difficult’ than others. Those kids that battle problems at home, learning difficulties, behavioural issues and so forth. The other kind of patience is more of the dogged variety, that which involves repeatedly trying to get your internet to work, reconnecting and retesting and ignoring the continual error messages. I kept this caper up for a whole week of non-internet and telephone availability. That’s how long it took Telstra to get out here and fix the damn thing. A whole week before they managed to find to track down their one worker (because seriously, they must only have one worker to do all the repairs and one to man the call centre; how else do you explain the fact that it takes a telephone company an hour before they even manage to answer your call) and get him to cruise out here in his van, saunter on down to the hoovie-whatsit shed thing at the end of the road and do his bloody job. Oh, and the reason I was able to maintain this stupid level of persistence was because the internet did work, every now and then, before shatting itself halfway through and refusing to reconnect. Bloody Telstra can’t even break something properly.

Anyway, time to ditch the tantie routine and start posting some good music I suppose. California’s Sayvinyl play simple indie pop tunes, and I’m sure that they also expect good service from their various telecommunication service providers. Ya see Telstra, you’re called service providers because you’re expected to provide a service. Funny that.

What You Pay For – Sayvinyl