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It’s a simple idea, where I post songs that all have one thing in common – the letter that they begin with. Original? Not at all. Pointless? Probably.

Having said that though, every song is highly recommended and should be checked out by your good self immediately!

The Waifs write some seriously evocative lyrics.

Now she’s thinking of the red soil and those mango trees
Well in her mind she’s still splashing round down on Cable Beach
And her eyes are as rich and as far away
As the sunset there
But she’s not taking in a word I say
So I might as well be talking to my self

Take it in, take it all in
Now is the time that will not come again
Take it in take it all in
This is the day and its here for the living

Smell the roses folks…

Take It In – The Waifs

The National. I bloody love ‘em. It’s been a while since I posted anything by these lovely fellas, so here’s a wonderful track from these melancholy yet uplifting New Yorkers.

Tall Saint – The National

Shivering cold, I woke up in water
and wrapped myself around the toilet seat.
I spoke in tongues and took all my clothes off.
The tops of my fingers
touched the tops of my toes

Ahh…the imagery.

Ten Dead Dogs – Wild Sweet Orange

Aussie folk singer Paul Kelly is the quintessential story teller. Full of pathos and keen observations, his lyrics are currently used as a VCE text here in Australia. I grew up listening to Paul Kelly and this track about a young couple struggling to maintain their relationship was a staple in my musical diet.

They got married early, never had no money
Then when he got laid off they really hit the skids
He started up his drinking, then they started fighting
He took it pretty badly, she took both the kids
She said: “I’m not standing by, to watch you slowly die
So watch me walking, out the door, out the door, out the door”

To Her Door – Paul Kelly

Speaking of my early musical diet, Van Morrison was also a constant, even more so than Paul Kelly. This live track featuring back up singer Brian Kennedy (a solo artist in his own right now) is absolutely gorgeous.

Tupelo Honey (Live) – Van Morrison Removed by request

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