I’m writing this in what I hope is a five minute window that will allow me to whack up a quick post before the shit hits the proverbial. Our internet and phone has been on the blink over the last few days and Telstra assures us that it ‘should be fixed by Thursday’. Cheers. No really, thanks for your amazing service Telstra. You are truly beacons of light in the wasteland that is the ‘bush’. (Seriously, 15 minutes out of town, people).

Am not even going to post a song because in the time it would take for me to upload the thing the net would shat itself and I’d have all sorts of ‘helpful’ error messages popping up 10 minutes after the event, informing me of the fact that there is, indeed, a problem. Gee…well spotted Microsoft.

Hopefully I’ll be back up and running soon. Preferably (yeah, right) before Thursday. Cross your fingers, toes and all other appendages. Within reason though – I wouldn’t want you to strain anything.

Oh, and because last week’s watermelon pictures proved to be quite the talking point…