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I had a Sliding Doors moment today. While visiting one of my daily reads, I Am Fuel, You Are Friends, my mouse hovered for several seconds over the link to ‘The Legend of the Last of the Outlaw Truckers AKA The Ballad of Sheriff Shorty’ by USA’s The Dandy Warhols as a mental tug of war took place in my early-morning addled brain. I’d heard of ‘em and I’d probably caught a track or two in the past, but I had some vague memory of deciding that I didn’t like them much. Just before I left Fuel to visit another daily fix, some primal instinct must have kicked in, making me right click and download (perhaps it was the awesomely quirky song title) and I shudder to think what may have happened had I not made that all-important fateful decision. Just think – I may have ended up with a spiffy new haircut, running my own company and cuddling up to the lovely James Nesbitt. Absolutely unbearable.

So onto this absolute blinder of a track – it’s bloody awesome. It’s off their latest album …Earth To The Dandy Warhols, released digitally in May, with CD copies becoming available in August. If I had to choose one word to describe this track it would be ‘dirty’. I don’t mean that in a yucky way, but there’s this really suggestive bass line running through it and lead singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor’s (is that really his name?!) deep vocals are both playful and slightly menacing at the same time. The rollicking beat had me dancing without inhibitions or alcoholic assistance and the alliteration in the lyrics sounds fantastic, as well as pandering to my dorky love of grammatical features. It has also sent me on a treasure hunt to track and locate more good gear from what is likely to become a new addition to my Chosen Ones. Luckily, they’re making it easier for me by releasing new music on their website starting tomorrow. Cheers kids!

The Legend of the Last of the Outlaw Truckers AKA The Ballad of Sheriff Shorty – The Dandy Warhols

Today’s jackpot finds continue with this track courtesy of another favourite fix, Speed of Dark. US indie rockers The Weeks have an average age of 18, which is quite frankly ridiculous given the sheer raw talent exhibited on the only two tracks I’ve heard (so far). I literally shiver in anticipation when thinking of what they could be capable of accomplishing by the time they’re old enough to (legally) drink and vote, and then when I consider what could be achieved by the time they’re all sporting receding hairlines and old man slippers…well the mind boggles.

The gradually building ‘Buttons’ is a kicker. Cyle Barnes’ vocals are full of attitude and he has a way of drawing out certain syllables that lends a playful twang to his deep voice. He takes it up a notch later as the music swells and punches and he passionately declares I shake I shake I could never see/how good young love could really be/I know I know it’s not that bad/take a look at what we had. It’s catchy stuff people. ‘Altar Girl’ is also outstanding. The album is Comeback Cadillac and was released in the US just a coupla weeks ago. Grab it!

Buttons – The Weeks

Altar Girl – The Weeks