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I’ve been putting off this latest Incoming installment because I’ve been waging a war within myself. What should be done about the email submissions received I either don’t have enough time to listen to within a respectable time frame, or the ones that just don’t do it for me? This blog is just a hobby, and sometimes it’s hard to squeeze it in amongst all the other stuff you’ve gotta think about when you’re a grown up person with, like, responsibilities and whatnot. I do enjoy receiving submissions, and I think it’s important to feature only those that I like, because I need to be a little bit discerning about these things. That way, you guys know that the stuff I’m featuring is good quality gear, and not just any old thing that somehow makes its way through the ether to my inbox. So, here’s the latest stuff that I reckon sounds pretty damn good.  

Second Dan is a band that I’d never heard of until I was contacted by their publicity guys the other day. After doing a bit more digging, I was surprised to discover that there have been two incarnations of Second Dan, the first of which won the Triple J Unearthed competition here in Australia in 2003 with the frenetic track ‘Running Out Of Feelings’. After listening to their gear, I am not at all surprised that they won.

After enjoying some success in Australia, the two original members of Second Dan, Dan Rosen and Dan Karni (band name mystery solved) decided to move to New York. However they broke up when Karni decided he wanted to head back home. A chance meeting between Dan Rosen (vocals) and ANOTHER Dan(ny) Reisbeck (bass) led to the current lineup – Adam Lerner (guitar) and Sonny Ratcliffe (drums).

Second Dan play indie rock that’s right up my alley – slightly retro sounding with catchy hooks and playful backup vocals. The standout track for me is ‘The Elephant Came Down To Earth’. Two seconds in, I was hooked. Great keys, infectious riffs and a change of tempo right toward the end, with a few shoo-do-dos thrown in for good measure. Thank goodness for digital music – this is one track that would wear down a few record needles.

The debut album is Bringing Down Goliath and you can catch them live in New York in July and August, though it would be good for them to come back here to Oz some time. I’d definitely be nabbing me a ticket!

The Elephant Fell To Earth – Second Dan

Running Out Of Feelings – Second Dan

Jon and Roy are a two piece outfit from Canada that play a brand of acoustic roots that is laid back and mellow without becoming tiresome (achoo-Jack-Johnson-achoo). The title track from their latest album ‘Another Noon’ is quite lovely, and is a song that you Northern Hemisphere folk will be hearing a lot more on a new V-Dub ad this year. The rest of us will get to enjoy the whole thing now, without being irritated by it later on whenever we turn the TV on! Good on them though – these days bands need to do all they can to get their songs out there (music blogs are also good for this now, aren’t they!) Jon and Roy are well worth a click or two here, so download and enjoy!

Another Noon – Jon and Roy

DT Stylee – Jon and Roy

The Sapiens are an energetic rock outfit  with a punk-like edge from Chicago and their latest album Rind is due out next Friday. They also wear matching suits when they perform. Awesome! Title track ‘Rind’ is fantastic and was stuck in my head for hours the other day, despite being followed by loads of other gear as I listened to my iPod while doing the washing. What’s the problem, battery’s low? I couldn’t stop singing it, much to the irritation of those around me. Note: they were only irritated because they weren’t lucky enough to be listening to it themselves. And perhaps because my singing skills leave a little bit to be desired!

Rind – The Sapiens

So, to sum up. My conscience is a little less clouded now that I’ve dealt with some incoming mail. You’ve nabbed a few awesome new tracks to party and/or mellow out to. And at least a few bands are happy to score some props here at It All Started. Ahhh…can’t you just feel the love?