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Dictionary definition of hodgepodge: A mixture of dissimilar ingredients; a jumble.

My definition of hodgepodge: A couple of random musings all squashed into one post, with a few semi-related tracks chucked in for good measure.

Let’s kick it off with an announcement. It’s official. I’ve been Websherriffed! (Cue balloons and obligatory streamer throwing). I now join the hallowed ranks of the ‘real blog’. I wasn’t asked to remove anything though, but was rather patronisingly congratulated for not posting any ‘illegal’ stuff by The Hold Steady. He does go on a bit, doesn’t he?

Ok, onto the next piece of podge. I have grand ideas to travel early next year. The UK, then Europe, then wherever. The plan is to teach a bit and then travel until I need more cash, then teach again. I go through phases where I can’t wait to leave, and I desperately wish that I could jump on the next available plane outta here. Other times however I’m more than happy to stay right where I am, huddled up in my little comfort zone and with no intention on ever leaving, thank you very much! When I get like this, I usually hop on the net and find a cool travel blog to read, in the hopes that it will remind me that there is in fact life outside country Victoria, and that I best get my butt into gear if I ever want to experience it before some lucky fella sweeps me off my feet and I quickly become the proud mother/owner of the requisite 2.5 children, a 4WD and an astronomical home loan. Ahem. Which is how I came across Postcard Junkie, a fantastic travel blog by Christopher Vourlias. The writing is absolutely superb, and I’m a little bit addicted actually, to the point where I’ve gone all the way back to the start of his adventures in Europe in 2006 and I’m slowly working my way through to the present day – I think he’s in Africa at the moment. What a gig – if I ever tire of teaching (which I reckon could be on the cards at some point), maybe travel writing is the way to go.

Thanks to Chris, I am now enthused about my plans again. I’ve also become aware of the phenomenon that is Couchsurfing, where people all over the world have registered their willingness to let strangers crash on their couch when they need a place to stay and can’t afford to shell out for a hostel. I absolutely love this idea, though I can’t imagine myself ever being able to shelve my inherent distrust of unknown people and take advantage of it. Perhaps once I become a seasoned traveller I’ll be more willing. Who knows.

Lastly, these are pretty cool. And they’re only $82 each! What a steal…

Square Watermelons 


I Shot The Sherriff (Live 1975) – Eric Clapton

Going North – Missy Higgins

Sofa Song – The Kooks