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Scouting For Girls

Shame on you Melbourne. Shame, shame, shame. Where were you tonight? You missed an awesome show. I have never seen The Corner so quiet, even to the point where one bar was closed, and the curtain was drawn, cutting off half the venue. I think maybe the internet gave me the impression that UK’s Scouting For Girls were more well known here than they actually are. No matter though – they were absolutely fantastic, and I’ve no doubt that word about these guys will spread if they continue to play such entertaining shows.

They kicked off their first ever Aussie show with ‘I Need A Holiday’ and they just kept the hits coming. About halfway through the song, lead singer Roy Stride turned to bass player Greg Churchouse and they continued to sing, half laughing through the words and grinning their heads off. At the end of the song, Roy told us how awesome we were, and then said “You know, we’ve travelled about as far as it’s possible to travel, and you guys know all the words to our songs! We can’t believe it.”

They continued to be baffled by how the crowd was able to sing every song word for word, and commented on it several times, as well as stopping halfway through songs and allowing us to sing it for them. My personal favourite ‘It’s Not About You’ was outstanding, gorgeous harmonies, raucous keyboards and major crowd participation. Another highlight was ‘Mountains Of Navaho’ , which Roy began with the introduction from the cartoon ‘He-Man’.

He-Man! And the Masters of the Universe! I am Adam, prince of Eternia, and defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull. Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me, the day I held aloft my magic sword and said, By the Power of Grayskull! I Have The Power!


I also enjoyed the opening to ‘Elvis Ain’t Dead’, which was a slow, keyboard based rendition of ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ that had the crowd swaying and shouting along. ‘Michaela Strachan’ was great too – until tonight I had no idea who she was, but I’ve since discovered she was a TV presenter on a wildlife show on the BBC. Not sure what the Aussie equivalent would be. Perhaps that Katrina woman, the vet who used to join Dr Harry on Talk To The Animals back in the day.

Once they’d run through every other song from their debut album, plus a new song about the Glastonbury festival that we all knew the words to by the time they were done, Roy made the comment ‘We’ve only got one song left!” It was the current single ‘She’s So Lovely’ which naturally was a crowd favourite also.

At the completion of the show Roy said something along the lines of “Thank you all for having us, we can’t believe how you’ve sung along to every song and supported us, we really appreciate it and you’ve made this a magical night for us.” It was very cute, and I was blown away by the humility and appreciation they showed. They are clearly a band who absolutely love what they do, and can’t quite believe the success they’ve had so far.

They left the stage to thunderous applause and as the cheering continued and the lights stayed low, we knew that they would come back for one last song. We only had to cheer for a couple of minutes before they all bounced onto the stage, Greg standing in front of his mike saying “We had to come back on. We just had to!” They obviously weren’t ready for the party to end either. They played a B-side that I’m not familiar with, and although Roy commented that playing a B-side is not the ideal way to end a show, he encouraged everyone to dance along. “I wanna see people on the stage! I wanna see people on the bar!”. And sure enough, once one guy jumped onto the stage, everyone joined in, until there were over 50 people up there. Drummer Peter Ellard was completely obscured from view, as was the electric guitarist, whose name I don’t know – mucho apologies if you’re reading this mystery guitar man!

The best news of the night was finding out that they’re due back out this way again in September, so if you were so foolish as to miss out on them this time, do yourself a huge huge favour and get a ticket to their next Aussie gig. You won’t find a nicer (or cuter – yes Greg, I’m talking to you!) band and I defy you to stand still during their set. It’s not physically possible, believe me. Yes, springy tall pogo guy…I mean you!

Side note: This is a personal thank you to the bouncer who was on the door at ten past nine when I arrived. Despite never being asked for ID at The Corner before, I was asked tonight and I had come with cash and my phone, but no wallet. After telling me I was a “silly girl”, he informed me that I couldn’t get in without ID. Which is fair enough. However, after a half hour trip spent retrieving the offending piece of plastic, I arrived back at The Corner to find a different person on the door, who waved me in without even asking for a tiny peek of ID. So thanks, original bouncer man. You are an arse.

I Need A Holiday – Scouting For Girls

Heartbeat – Scouting For Girls