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Heart Shaped Mouse

It’s quite odd that in the same week, without any specific treasure hunting, I’ve stumbled across a song written about me, and a song written about Elspeth. Via Matthew at Song, By Toad comes this hilarious track from the unsigned and wonderfully shambolic Joe Rodgers and the Velcro Quartet. This stuff is pretty wacky. And so I love it.

Peppered with computer references, the track kicks off with a seemingly simple introduction that becomes the basis of a beautiful cyber relationship. Hello my name’s Elspeth, my friends call me Elsie. Suddenly, they realised that they were compatible. But wait. Will it last?

I can’t even process your words. It’s like you’re talking in binary half the time.
That megahertz me

Oh. The agony.

Suddenly They Realised They Were Compatible – Joe Rodgers and the Velcro Quartet

Monsters Are Coming To Get Me – Joe Rodgers and the Velcro Quartet