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Mixed buttons

Got a bit of a mixed bag for you today. We’ll start with the regrets.

This isn’t a regret really, more of a I’m-really-pissed-off-that-these-guys-have-picked-the-same-night-to-perform thing I suppose. I was planning on checking out Ben Lee in August but unfortunately he’s playing on the same night as Sigur Ros. When it came down to it, it was really no contest. Sigur Ros, hands down. Though I really think that they all could’ve been a little bit more considerate of my needs!

Into The Dark – Ben Lee

We’re All In This Together – Ben Lee

Sé Lest – Sigur Ros

Festival (Radio Rip) – Sigur Ros

I’m not going to get to see The Wombats either – their shows are midweek and they’re all sold out anyway. Not happy Jan.

School Uniform – The Wombats

Onto the discoveries. I came across this track the other day. It’s called ‘Agnes Of The World’, so naturally, it’s a song that must have been written with my good self in mind. Though I’m unsure about the Polish queen reference – it’s true I am a regal being, but I’m not Polish. I am however a clever genius (one may ask, what other kind is there?) so thanks for spotting that Hezekiah. I am truly humbled.

Agnes Of The World – Hezekiah Jones

Another discovery is brought to you in the form of Karli Fairbanks. She’s a folk singer from Washington, USA and has a beautiful clear voice that actually reminds me a lot of fellow American singer-songwriter Kendall Payne. Listen to the two tracks below and tell me I’m wrong.

Canyons – Karli Fairbanks

Scratch – Kendall Payne

Wild Sweet Orange are a band who I’ve been vaguely aware of for a while now, but I haven’t really listened to any of their stuff until this week. They play an uncomplicated brand of indie rock that’s easy to sing along with. I especially like the “woah oh-oh” ending to ‘I’m Coming Home’.

I’m Coming Home – Wild Sweet Orange

And now, onto the (very quick) English lesson. Ooze. Squish. Crunch. Splash. Chomp. Squeeze. These are just some examples of onomatopoeia. Which incidentally is another word that I should’ve added to this post earlier in the week.

Onomatopoeia are words that sound exactly like what they are – the word itself imitates the sound of the thing it’s describing. The kids I taught last year knew all about onomatopoeia, and we had a huge list hanging in the classroom that they kept adding to throughout the term. In addition to being a bit of an English freak, I also love songs with quirky names, so when I saw this track by Calico Horse, I had to grab it.

Onomatopoeia – Calico Horse

And so concludes this transmission. I am going to continue to enjoy my first day of holidays by stoking up the fire, eating musk sticks and recovering from the nana nap I had earlier. Speaking of which, don’t you hate it when you have a nap in the afternoon, and you wake up feeling worse than you did before you went to sleep? It’s just so silly.