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You guys are lucky today. You get two posts for the price of one! Or maybe you’re being jibbed and you’re getting half as much as you should be getting. I dunno. Why don’t we forget the maths and just enjoy the tracks? Ok? What a top idea.

Taiwan’s largest bus company is teaching its drivers how to flash their best smile to welcome Chinese tourists. The Taiwan Motor Transport Company has launched a “Learn to Smile” campaign to prepare for an influx of Chinese tourists when weekend charter flights begin next month.

It’s no secret that I love The Waifs, and this is one of my favourite tracks. Slow drawling delivery, Aussie twang and bare acoustic guitar. Beautiful.

I like the way you’re wearing your smile and you close your eyes, and you leave us for a while

Sweetness – The Waifs

A Canadian court has lifted a 12-year-old girl’s grounding, overturning her father’s punishment for disobeying his orders to stay off the internet. The girl had taken her father to Quebec Superior Court after he refused to allow her to go on a school trip for chatting on websites.

Aussie punk rock outfit The Living End gained attention in the late 90’s with this rebellious teenage anthem.

We don’t need no-one to tell us what to do, well yes we’re on our own and there’s nothing you can do, so we don’t need no-one like you to tell us what to do!

Prisoner of Society – The Living End 

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Image: The Daily Portrait Project of Julia Kay