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Mates of State

Even if it never gets better

Mates Of State are husband and wife duo Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel, who between them play a swathe of instruments and use beautiful vocal harmonies to create infectious indie pop. I was both horrified and relieved to learn that Jason once applied to medical school, but opted to make music instead. Phew. That was a close one.

Here’s a couple of tracks from their latest album Re-Arrange Us.  ‘Get Better’ showcases Gardner’s ability to switch from the high sweet vocals featured in the first verse, to the grittier belting out of the chorus. I especially love the end, with the abrupt ceasing of all noise bar the beautiful fade out of strings. And I know I talk about strings a lot here, but I can’t help it. They speak to me.

Get Better – Mates Of State

‘My Only Offer’ is a toe-tapper with a recurring boppy piano sequence, some call and response and a few ‘oh-oh-ohs’. Wonderful.

My Only Offer – Mates Of State

And this earlier track from 2003’s Team Boo is a disjointed unpredictable slice of pure fun.

Ha Ha – Mates Of State

Update: Kori also writes a blog detailing life on the road. Check it our for their own personal view of the gigs they do and the people they get to meet.