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All Aboard

Gees, it’s getting a bit crowded up here isn’t it? Until a few short days ago I had no idea who Girl Talk was. However, after seeing the name bandied about all over the blog world, along with some album called Feed The Animals I was finally sucked in and I grabbed a track. And another track. And another. Until finally I headed over to Illegal Art and downloaded the whole thing. It’s a pay what you like deal by the way, so go nuts. Or not. It’s up to you.

This whole sampling mash up thing is sooo not my usual thing, but anything that gets a girl dancing around her clothesline with a grin from the proverbial ear to ear has gotta be worth posting. It’s the snippets that explode outta nowhere that get me.

Like ‘Come on Eileen’.

Set It Off – Girl Talk

And ‘ABC’.

What It’s All About – Girl Talk

And ‘Anything You Want (You Got It)’.

In Step – Girl Talk

Side note: Roy Orbison and the Jackson 5 have now been mentioned here twice in the last week or so. I’ll be expecting some thankyous boys. Roy, you may wish to call ahead and let me know when you’re arriving so that I can mentally prepare myself.