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Beware the Two Headed Monster

Hmmm. At first I wasn’t too sure about these tracks.

I absolutely love the melody and the strings in the epic ‘Mysterious Skin’, by Orphans and Vandals, and I can’t help but sing along to the ‘oooh sha ni na…sha ni na-a na’ parts, but I have to confess I really struggle with spoken word stuff. Thankfully, this song isn’t all spoken word, and when Al Joshua sings it all works just fine. I do cringe slightly at the line and I promise to be good…I-I-I promise to be good. It’s a little bit self-conscious. And daggy. However, despite these miniscule criticisms, this track has totally grown on me and I can sit through the entire 10 minutes (yes…hence the word ‘epic’) without itching to skip it because the melody is so catchy and they do enough with it to keep me interested.

Orphans and Vandals are a London outfit:
Al Joshua – guitar, harmonica, vocals, harmonium, toy piano
Francesca – violin, piano, glockenspiel, percussion, backing vocals
Gabi Woo – drums, percussion, backing vocals, harmonium, glockenspiel
Quinta – viola, musical saw, percussion, piano, backing vocals
Raven – bass guitar, backing vocals

Mysterious Skin – Orphans and Vandals

Now, I first heard about Duchess of York’s (no, it’s not Fergie) ‘21st Century Slave’ from Heather over at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends and she described as a catchy little ditty that had her restraining herself at traffic lights, lest she be mistaken for a lunatic, or personage of similar persuasion. Sounded like my kinda track. I absolutely love the opening riff, it’s a little bit Jackson 5-ish and the vocals are great, full of attitude. There’s this little break down thing in the middle though, where it changes direction and it’s ok I guess, but I think it’s one of those tracks that I’d prefer to follow the same pattern all the way through. I dunno. Have a listen, see what you reckon!

Duchess Of York hail from Virginia, USA and are:
Michael- Vocals & Guitar
Austin- Bass
Constantine- Drumkit
Jacob- Guitar

21st Century Slave – Duchess of York