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Roy Baby

Want melancholy piano based anguish with haunting double bass backup? I got it.

Not Nice – Chris Garneau

Want a mashup that actually sounds alright? I got it.

One More Time To Pretend – MGMT vs Daft Punk (Immuzikation Remix)

Want some fruit that’s past its use by date but still has some serious juice? I got it.

Rotten Apples – Voxhual Broadcast

Want a self-belittling instrumental? I got it.

I’m A Mindless Idiot – Meat Puppets

Want dreamy silky vocals and smooth electronica? I got it.

These Days – People Press Play

Want a catchy gem that you were silly enough to miss the first time I posted it? I got it.

Imaginary Girl – The Silver Seas

Want a classic tune from a rock and roll pioneer? You got it.

Anything You Want (You Got It) – Roy Orbison