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QIt’s a simple idea, where I post songs that all have one thing in common – the letter that they begin with. Original? Not at all. Pointless? Probably. Having said that though, every song is highly recommended and should be checked out by your good self immediately!

I have to confess though that I had to do some digging to find more than one or two Q tracks. And then I got bored. So there’s only a few here. And I’m even too slack to do a proper write up on them, which isn’t fair to you or to the artists. It’s especially unfair to myself, because I’m sullying the stellar reputation that I’ve built for always providing posts of biting intellect and dramatic intrigue. I am ashamed.

Quicksand – Sleeping At Last

Quiver and Quake – Elf Power

Quiet Houses – Fleet Foxes

Questiontown – Big Buildings

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