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Los Campesinos!

I have to confess to developing a bit of a crush, here in Australia on this cold and rainy afternoon. I mean, come on. I’m a teacher, who especially loves to teach English, and along comes this band that features a lead singer (Gareth) with a gorgeous Welsh accent who sings about parenthesis and apostrophes and other wonders of punctuation. I don’t care what anyone says. That’s hot.

In addition to their fantastically creative lyrics, they have a fab sound and great energy. They are Los Campesinos!, and they’re a seven piece indie pop group from Cardiff, Wales. Their latest album is called Hold On Now, Youngster and was released back in February in the UK. They’re currently touring all over Europe and the US, but are yet to come to Australia.

However, some clever cookies have started a myspace group in order to encourage them to come out our way, so PLEASE head over there and do your best to convince them to come visit us. The fact that this was drawn to my attention via Los Campesinos!’ (please note the correct use of the apostrophe there) website makes me think that maybe, just maybe, they’ll head out here soon.

If you haven’t sampled their gear before, stop doing whatever else you’re doing, grab the tracks below and give ‘em a listen, dammit!

It’s bad enough you ever used the word as an adjective but to suggest we do it in heels is really quite crass
…and We Exhale And Roll Our Eyes In Unison – Los Campesinos!

And for each correctly used apostrophe, I could feel my heart sink inside my chest in front of me
Knee Deep In ATP – Los Campesinos!

Of us at home with the moon pouring through the curtains, working on our attitude towards the second hand book shop employees, reading the inscriptions that were never meant for their eyes
Don’t Tell Me To Do The Maths – Los Campesinos!