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Old Meter

In Sycamore, a town of 16,000 in the US state of Illinois, parking costs a penny for 12 minutes. A nickel (five cents) buys an hour and a quarter a whopping 12 hours. But watch out if the meter expires. Last month, Sycamore city council quadrupled the parking fine – to $1.

I am so moving to Sycamore.

British parents disillusioned by their schools are sending their children to an old-fashioned Catholic boarding school at Chavagnes-en-Paillers, France. Pupils live in “character- building” austerity and punishments include writing out hundreds of times: “I firmly resolve to behave like a gentleman.”

A four-year-old boy is in rehab in Taiwan after he became addicted to smoking his father’s cigars. The father, of Gaoxiong, started taking his sons to a rehabilitation centre after catching them. The boys said they did it because they thought their father looked “cool”.

Smoker – The Maccabees

Swiss scientists have found that ignorant flies live longer. A group of flies was left in a natural state while another had its intelligence boosted by Pavlovian methods. The former lived longer, probably because the increase in neural activity weakened the latter’s life-support systems.

Where Are All The Scientists Now? – Jukebox The Ghost

They’ve been kidnapped by mutant flies, mistakenly boosted by too many Pavlovian methods.

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