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BrokeAhhh this is good stuff. Catchy melody, scratchy impassioned vocals and cool calculator-like beepy noises throughout. These guys are so keen to see each other that they don’t even bother to clean up their defunct mathematical equipment before racing out the door. 

broke calculator on the kitchen floor
dishes in the sink didn’t lock the door

Royal Bangs are a 5 piece rock outfit from Knoxville Tennessee and have a power of dates lined up in the US of A, including Bonnaroo. Please check them out on my behalf and report back to me. If you could do so in glowing tones that praise and uphold them without making me too jealous, it would be greatly appreciated.

Broke Calculator – Royal Bangs

Note: Due to a slight mishap late last night, this post was published with the wrong linkage but it should be sweet now I’ve actually opened my eyes and turned my brain on. Enjoy!