Though Okkervil River only released The Stage Names in August last year, these busy boys have another album lined up for release on the 9th of September. The Stand Ins will consist of songs that didn’t make it onto The Stage Names. Am loving the correlation between the two albums – the songs that were good enough to make the first cut, and those that weren’t quite up to scratch. I’m treating them as two separate albums though – everything I’ve heard from these Austin rockers is a sublime blend of heartbreak and knockout rock and there’s not a single song that hasn’t found a place to nestle under my skin. Okkervil River are currently touring all over – check their website for shows in your area, and make sure you get your butt there to at least one of them. I saw them earlier this year. They’re wonderful.

Track listing – am highly intrigued by the last one. Definitely a contender for the quirkiest song title.

01 The Stand Ins, One
02 Lost Coastlines
03 Singer Songwriter
04 Starry Stairs
05 Blue Tulip
06 The Stand Ins, Two
07 Pop Lie
08 On Tour With Zykos
09 Calling and Not Calling My Ex
10 The Stand Ins, Three
11 Bruce Wayne Campbell Interviewed on the Roof of the Chelsea Hotel, 1979

Apologies for the lack of music included in this post too. If you read my earlier rant, you would understand why.