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Oh the trickery and tedium that is writing reports. Or anything for that matter that requires me sitting in front of a computer all day typing endlessly about things that are not related to music or bands or movies or chocolate or balloons or rollercoasters or books or kittens or travel or jesters or stars or fun or frivolous pursuits. Oh the horror.

Let me take you through the evolution of this process – I’ve skipped over the parts where I’ve procrastinated for hours (days) and done everything from vast loads of washing, to de-cobwebbing the corners of the house, to watching paint dry.

It starts here:

Boredom – Clear Tigers

Then moves past passivity and monotony to arrive here:

Frustration – Sugar

Which makes way for this:

Violent Sensation Descends – Violens

And leaves me in my current state:

Absolutely Cuckoo – Magnetic Fields