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I owe quite a few people an apology. My inbox (though nowhere near as cool as the one pictured above) continues to collect band submissions and I’m doing my best to get through them all. I really want to do better features on all of the bands included here but I’m running low on time at the moment, so this will have to suffice. Please check all of these tracks out, with my recommendations!

From the bonus disk accompanying Konk comes another fab track from The Kooks. How is it possible that a song that contains the lines a man once made a key/to open her dark heart/he broke apart what was once in love can give off such a vibe of pure unadulterated fun?


No Longer – The Kooks

The Kooks US tour mates The Morning Benders are worthy openers if this track is any indication. With a more laid back sound, this Californian outfit will see gain some serious exposure during a bucketload of sold out shows in the next couple of months.


Boarded Doors – The Morning Benders

Ya gotta love a band with a cool tour vehicle. This Brooklyn trio get around in a noisy church van (yeah, not quite sure what that is exactly, but I like it anyway) affectionately known as the Blue Whale. Their music is described on their website as ‘brain-punk’. Music genres just get wackier and wackier don’t they? Anyway regardless of what they call what they do, I’m liking it.


The States – The Architect

Dreamy vocals and instrumentation from this twice Grammy nominated Cuban-born New Yorker.


If You Say So – Elsten